Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ebony's Sugared Bones

Okay boils and ghouls, I have a treat for you... a second featured shop post for the week! The shop is called Sugared Bones and this shop is sweet and twisted to say the least! I became familiar with the lady behind the accessories through three Etsy teams I am on, one being the Wear if you Dare team. The best thing about this team, like many horror related teams I am on, is that I  get to meet people that like skulls, blood and horror just as much as I do. So much, in fact, that they have horror related items in their shops.

No two team members are exactly alike, which I love! I remember being a teenager and only being able to find jewelry and shirts with skulls on them during Halloween and at places like Spencer's and Hot Topic, which is fine, but not if you want something one of a kind that will stand out. I'm sure many people are thinking, "Sure, but how many different things can you make with a skull on it?" My answer to that is a heck of a lot more than you could ever dream of!

Skulls can be seen on everything these days, and not just for Halloween. There are skulls in art, on clothes, as plush kids toys, on make up labels, and bed sheets. There are real skulls that are worth hundreds and thousands of dollars that are in the homes of special collectors. There are scary skulls on the album cover of a punk bands LP and cartoon ones with pink bows on a toddlers onesie. They are literally everywhere in every style and in every color.

Sugared Bones is a shop that really branches out from the conception that all accessories with skulls are black and white with blood all over. The owner, Ebony, shows that you be be a Goth and wear green or sky blue. You can wear statement pieces covered in glitter and stand out because you wearing something unique and not something that is just different from the mainstream. Her items are cute, loud, elegant, fun, and twisted! Recently, I got to pick Ebony's brain to learn a little bit more about her and her shop and here is what I was able to learn about Ebony and Sugared Bones!

1. I noticed that skulls tend to be the focal point of many of your items. Why skulls?

Well that is a good question, I am and have been a Goth on the alternative scene for 12 years now and I am attracted to macabre imagery. The actual focus of Sugared Bones Accessories started as Skulls and Roses (hence the design of the original logo) and it has a lot of scope for producing alternative designs within the branding of Sugared Bones: Creepy Cute, Scary Sweet.

2. What other spooky imagery do you use in your work?

I am not sure if it is necessarily spooky, but I do use the Lolita skull Lady cameos that are so popular, I try to give them a unique Sugared Bones twist. I have also started using beetles and spiders in my work, I love insects so any excuse to incorporate them into my other love, my business!

3. Are there any new items that you are working on that you would like to share with my readers?

I have very recently completed a large shoot with some extremely talented people which will release many new designs in February this year. I am most proud of my work with lace, creating one off special lace necklaces and collars as well as the the lace cameo cuffs in many more colours.

4. Do you ever make custom items?

Absolutely! I have taken quite a few requests for colour combinations or re-workings of designs as custom commissions. I will tweak or change anything people desire. As long as I use and stock the components I can make it.

5. I noticed that you use a lot of roses in your items as well. Roses have different meanings depending on their colour. Black means death and red can mean love, respect, passion, or something else depending on the shade of red. Do you think you pick these colours based on their symbolism or because they are aesthetically pleasing together? Explain.

To be honest, I just adore roses. I have about 5 bunches of them dried hanging around my room, and I also have beautiful rose tattoos on my arm. As for colour symbolism, it is really more that the colours I pick suit the style of the piece I am creating. I will always love black and traditional red however.

6. You obviously have a style that is very punk/Gothic/rockabilly/rocker. What is it about this style that appeals to you?

Well Goth is my life, It is a lifestyle choice that I wouldn't change for the world. I am also a champion of the less traditional imagery as well. I wear bright colours and it doesn't make it less Goth, it is how you wear it and what with.

Sugared Bones is very deliberately designed to have an alternative design base that can suit almost any subculture: Lolita, Goth, Punk, Cyber, Rockabilly, Deathrock, I feel there is something for all of them in my repertoire of over 100 designs.

7. What advice would you give to a new seller on Etsy?

Do your research, try to be unique and not just copy the success of others, remember how important keywords are in your product listings, and always get good clear photos of what you are selling.

8. Do you think the DIY Movement has changed the way people shop? Handmade versus something mass produced and sold in a retail chain store?

Personally I have always wanted to support handmade small businesses wherever I can as they are an integral part of the Alternative culture.

I think in recent times the exposure for us have increased and people are becoming aware that you can't expect knock down sweatshop prices from handmade items, as we all have to make a living.
I support the handmade movement and understand how much work goes into it.

9. What is your most favourite horror movie and why?

Narrowing down a favourite is difficult I have to admit, I have seen over 600! I think it is probably the remake of 13 Ghosts. I just really love the imagery and the personalities of the ghosts as well as the gore, I do like gory movies although not excessive for the sake of it.

If you would like to know more about Sugared Bones you can Check out Sugared Bones on Etsy, Like Sugared Bones on Facebook, Visit the Sugared Bones Site, Check out Sugared Bones on Big Cartel, and Follow Sugared Bones on Tumblr.

Don't forget!!!! Ebony also does custom orders, so if you have something in mind, send me a message on Etsy!

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