Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A List Designs

Well, I am very excited to unleash this post! I have had this one up my sleeve and I am very pleased to introduce my readers to the lovely duo that owns A List Designs. This mother daughter team makes some amazing pieces that you will not find anywhere else. They are one of a kind, high quality, and are absolutely stunning to say the least. 

Our names are Alea (daughter) and Brenda (mother), and we are a mother/daughter team who love creating original jewelry designs. We both live in Louisville, KY. I have a black cat named Kiwi, and some of my hobbies include reading (chick-lit), watching movies (big horror lover), listening to music (mainly rock), following University of Louisville sports, and, of course, making jewelry.

Brenda has a gray tabby named Kitty (aka Jazzy), and in her spare time, when she's not making jewelry, she enjoys reading (Nook), exercising (at the gym), and traveling (cruising) whenever possible.

1. What types of items do you make?

We offer handcrafted earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings using sterling silver, 14k gold fill, precious/semi-precious gemstones and pearls. Custom made sterling silver metalwork is also available.

2. How long have you been making fine jewelry and how did you get started in this craft?

I started making jewelry in 2004, as a stress reliever, while I was in college. Brenda joined me in 2007 because she wanted customized pieces to match outfits.

3. Since you are a mother daughter team, do you think this helps your creative process? If so, how?

To begin with, we like to go shopping together and select the best quality gemstones for our designs. We also love to bounce ideas off of each other while creating our pieces.

4. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Things like nature and architecture frequently influence my pieces, and Brenda is influenced by the colors of the seasons.

5. Do you have a favorite material to work with over any other? Wire, pearls, stones, glass beads, etc

As far as gemstones go, my favorite would probably be Apatite. I would also love to work more with solid 14k gold in my metalwork if it was more affordable.

Brenda loves working with all colorful, faceted semi-precious gemstones, with her favorite being Labradorite.

6. What is your most favorite item that is currently for sale in your shop any why?

We have a pair of Quartz Onyx Earrings with a fan design that I really love.

This was a really hard choice for Brenda, but for now our Emerald Green Chalcedony and Iolite earrings are her favorite. She likes them because the Emerald Green Chalcedony reminds her of the vibrant colors of spring. Plus, it just so happens to be the color of the year.

7. What do you think it the best part and most challenging part about making fine jewelry?

From time to time, I get designer's block, which can be pretty challenging and frustrating. For Brenda, the most challenging part is the impossible quest to locate gemstones that have fallen on the floor. The end result is the best part for both of us because it's exciting to see the things we've imagined come to life.

8. I absolutely love your Geometric Pearl Necklace! What inspired this amazing and unique item?

I can't think of a particular influence. It honestly just came to me one day when I was brainstorming and sketching design ideas.

9. I recently spent some time in Kentucky and I had a great time while I was there. I loved everything from the Kentucky Castle to Transylvania University! However, my favorite part was the Maker's Mark Distillery! Do you have a favorite attraction or historical location that you would recommend that people visit when passing through?

Here in Louisville, we have some pretty cool shopping districts like the Nulu area, the Highlands, and Frankfort Avenue. We even have free Trolley Hops that visit some of these areas on Friday evenings.

10. Now, you don't get interviewed by a Ghoul without being asked something horror related! It's a fact. Do you have a favorite horror movie? What is it and why?

Brenda is not a fan of horror movies. I, on the other hand, can't get enough of them! If I have to pick just one (nearly impossible), then I guess I would have to choose The Shining. I've always liked the psychological aspect of the film and it's eerie atmosphere. Not to mention, I'm just sucker for a good, old-fashioned ghost story.

A List Designs has many sites related to their work.You can visit A List Designs Official Site, become a fan on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, read their blog, and even check them out on YouTube.

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