Monday, June 13, 2011

Cosmik Souls

Okay Boils and Ghouls, I have another seller I would like you to meet. Her name is Joan and I met her through an Etsy Team I am in. She has some very unique items in her shop that deserve attention! Many of her items are accessories that are handmade with a vintage feel. Most of them look more like pieces of art than something you would wear on a special occasion. I recently began talking with Joan and I learned a bit about her. The following are some questions I asked her as well some pictures of items that are currently for sale in her shop, cosmiksouls.

Here is some basic info about the owner of cosmiksouls:

My name is Joan M Kelly and I live in Eastern Long Island NY. I grew up on LI and been there all my life and love it. I adore life by the beach and could not survive without a beach community ... at least I don't think ;) I have been married for 25 years to my soulmate and have a lovey daughter with a heart of gold who will be a college graduate in Entetainment and Event Management soon. She helps me with many administrative and event tasks for my biz as does the hubby as he is the business minded one and has been in the corporate world his entire professional career now owning his own biz in the financial field. I am all artist having a background in classical ballet, a degree in fashion, and a background in altered couture as well as teaching, exhibiting and selling at art leagues and venues in LI. I am returning to my fashion design roots after 21 years of being full time mom and corporate wife and am finding it all to come back so naturally as I began creating from the time I was very young and remained creative throughout the years bringing many art projects and programs to the local school district. Too boot, I also returned to dance 5 years ago. This time my genre is Ballroom and I have competed and showcased often. Guess this all leaves you wondering what my age ?;) I turned 50 this year, but don't look or behave it and often time I being mistaken for much younger because of my sense of style, fitness and zest for life including my new couture design biz.

Vintage Inspired Rococo Peacock Feather Choker With Vintage Brooches and Rhinestones

1.How long have you been jewelry and accessories?

I worked in Jewelry and Accessories as part of my fashion training in college; really on purpose because I have always had such a deep love of frilly adornments, creating many for myself since I was a child and wearing them about and people loving them. I think I always knew I would end up back here ... with my new brand. Cosmik Souls began the same way. I began creating to deal with the grief I felt upon my dad's passing a year and a half ago. As I wore it about town I got stopped everywhere and asked about who the designer was and how they could own a piece, hence a tribute line to my dad was born His name was Cosmos, hence Cosmik Souls.

Vintage Inspired Marylin Monroe Pendant With Glass Pearls and Tulle Bow

2. Apart from crafting, do you have another job?

This Cosmik venture has become a full time thing for me as I sell on consignment, FaceBook, Etsy and locally and have a couture one of a kind business model. I also work with talent agencies, photographers and models on collaborative assignments. I do all of my own design, crafting, photo, marketing and shipping as well. My studio is in my home so it allows for me to be home for my family and dogs, including a rescue puppy.

Rococo Lace Choker with Feathers and Vintage Jewels

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?

First of have to give kudos to my dad for a lifetime of creative and humanitarian inspiration. He was incredibly talented all though art was a hobby for him and very was generous to those in need. I feel as if my dad is working along side me on this as I feel his presence always. I also work with 6 charities with my brand, as he taught me well. My inspiration is so intrinsic to my being that things just come to me on recall as I design. My vintage inspiration comes from a love of history including family history back to my roots. Old family photos are priceless and I adore the family mix I am comprised of. Half homeland of Greece as I am second generation American on my dad's side ... and half heartland as my mom's family were original settlers in the Midwest. Can't beat that combo of inspiration ;)

Purple Hearts And Flower Romantic Charm Cuff

4. What is your most favorite item in your shop and why?

It is hard to pick a favorite item in my shop as I love it all but I am known for my lace and feathered chokers and cuffs. MY Baroque Bridal Choker has been a Cosmik Souls fave and I love it for it's soft, elegant yet sexy statement and it's versatility to be worn and treasured as a heirloom piece long after the nuptials. From engagement party to wedding day ... to a great honeymoon bu dour beauty to wow the new hubby ... also rocks with a great pair of jeans !!!

Vintage Inspired Baroque Lace Bridal Choker With Rosettes,Cameo,Ribbon and Bleached Peacock Feathers

5. How would you describe your creative process?

My creative process begins with an inspiration that begins to play out in my minds eye. Then I begin to lay it all out and add and subtract what looks and feels right. I feel as if my pieces sort of speak to me guiding me where to go. Nothing is complete until my heart and soul tell me so.

Red Resin Rose On Brass Filigree Charm Necklace

6. Where would you like to be in ten years?

In ten years I hope to have Cosmik Souls recognized as an established upscale haute couture brand and a go to brand for truly special pieces. The sky is the limit really and I believe it is heading where it belongs.

Pearl Choker With Fun Skull

7. What advice would you give to a new Etsy Seller?

For any new Etsy seller my advise would be to realize that we all started at the beginning and had so much to learn ... it's not just you ... I am still learning everyday. Also to join the Etsy Teams and community ... I have made the most awesome friends there and learned so much about how to use the Etsy site from them. We also all help validate each other as artisans. It's a great site ... be patient and your hard work will pay off.

Vintage Inspired Steampunk Skull Cameo Cocktail Ring

If you are interested in any of the items you saw or heard about, please check out Cosmik Souls. Also feel free to check out Joan's other sites, which include Facebook, Twitter, and Sense of Fashion.

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  1. Thanks so much for this Blog feature A Ghouls Best Friend !!! I am so grateful for your interest in my unique couture brand ... Cosmic Souls Handcrafted Jewelery and Couture Accessories. It truly is a labor of love and straight from the heart and soul. I adore transcending time and place to bring my vintage inspired collection to the here and now. Life is too short ... make and entrance ... share your personal style and be fabulous always dear friends !!! Hugs Joan <3