Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Shadow of Pop Art with Meganeato

Pop Art is everywhere these days. It comes in all shapes, sizes, mediums, and even different genres of pop art. On top of these differences the subject matter is endless and this is where many pop artists are finding their niche. Some pop artists focus on everyday life while others might chose something like Dia de los Muertos imagery. A lady that I met from the Under the Moon Team on Etsy makes pop art mainly featuring people from music, film, and tv. Her pieces aren't overloaded with with several different images that make you confused on what the focal point is supposed to be. They are simple, yet very complex at the same time. You can clearly see who the person is you are supposed to be seeing, but what really makes these pieces is what isn't there. I'm not sure what else to call this technique or style of art, but for the time being I am referring to it as Shadow Portrait Pop Art. This type of art is typically monochromatic meaning it uses one color, possibly different tones of this color, and black. I wasn't an art major, so I apologize if what explanation sounds strange, but since art usually speaks for itself, I present to you: Meganeato!

1.How did you get started making pop art?

During high school I took a painting class just for fun and I ended up LOVING it! When I started my Etsy shop I actually was selling bags that I made and I also tried jewelry, but I never did too well with those. They either weren’t snazzy enough or I was just getting buried by all the listings, so I decided to try selling some paintings, which was definitely a good move for me!

2. Where does your inspiration come from? Your own interests, movies, books, tv, etc?

I started doing things that only I liked, and then once I was getting sales I realized I should also branch out into more categories because not everyone will have the same interests as me! I am always trying to come up with new lists of things to do that people might like. I have even asked friends/family what their favorite movies and characters were. I got Abraham Lincoln from my mom, lol!

3. How long does it take you to create one of your pieces and what goes into your process?

When I first started selling, it would take me probably twice as long as what it takes now, just because I hadn’t painted in awhile and my hand wasn’t super steady. It took more time to stay in a straight and even line. Now that I have been doing it for about 2 years I am much faster and can make quick steady lines with the brush.

I honestly could not say exactly how long each painting takes, because I never just sit and do it all at once! It definitely takes a few hours though. I start by painting the background in the color the person chooses, and usually have to do 2 coats of the background color. So usually while it’s drying I will be painting the background of another painting if I have more than one order, or just doing my thing around the house while it dries. After the background is done I draw the outline of the painting in pencil onto the canvas, then paint it black and finish it off with a clear protective coat!

4. I noticed that you have a large custom order section in your shop. Is there a certain character or film that you get more requests for than any other? What/who is it and why do you think they are so popular?

The two that I get the most requests for are The Joker and Harry Potter paintings. The Joker is by far the winner though. It’s definitely because The Joker is an awesome character, especially in the newer movies that came out! I think a lot of people like the green/red color combination I use too, because I rarely have people change the colors of it!

5. Do you have a favorite item that is currently for sale in your shop? What is it and why?

My favorite item in my shop is probably my bird painting with the houndstooth background.
I like it because I am starting to come up with more original paintings to list in the shop, and this is one of the first ones I did! I am planning on doing more like this, and am still developing a “mix and match” section for the shop where you piece together your choice of small paintings to create your own big picture.

6. Why do you think so many people like pop art?

I think people like pop art because it is something fun and different. The color combinations you can use are just awesome and you can really show your personality through the subject and color. I think it fits in with the very popular modern style because it’s so simple, but yet very bold and exciting.

7. What advice would you give to someone that is a new seller on Etsy?

Don’t give up! Like I said, I started out doing bags and jewelry. I also tried about 5 other things in my shop before landing on the paintings. It may take awhile to get started but have fun with it and don’t get frustrated, crafting is supposed to be fun! Wherever you are selling at, always be thinking of ways to improve yourself and learn new tricks.

Another good thing to do is network! Find a group or team that you can talk to and bounce ideas off of. I am lucky enough to have a crafty sister that I bounce ideas off of all the time, so if you have one of those, use them!

8. Is there anything that is trending in pop culture today that you are obsessed with? (tv, movie, fashion, band, etc) What is it and why do you love it?

I absolutely love the show Dexter. I have like 50 mini heart attacks during each new episode that comes out! The show is just so good and exciting. I also love all the vampire/supernatural/zombie shows that have been on though too, I can’t get enough!

9. Is there anything that trending in pop culture today that you can't stand? What is it and why do you hate it?

I would say the duck face. And people taking the same duck face picture all the time in the same pose. I really have no other reason than it looks silly. Lol!

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! This is so cool :D

    Hope you all like my art!!


  2. We did negative space pictures in high school art class and it was so interesting! I never would have thought of applying that concept to cultural icons. Great post :)