Friday, September 20, 2013

FEARce Five Vol. 6 - Asia Argento

Hello my sweet and twisted readers! Are you ready for today's FEARce Five? I know I'm not and I'm the one typing it!!!!! I don't mean that in a bad way, I just feel overloaded with information and so many interesting facts about today's subject: Asia Argento!

There is so much about this lady that is badass, intriguing, sexy, mysterious, and even a bit unexpected. It is really difficult to pick five facts about Asia to share with everyone. That being said, I am going to have two FEARce Five lists! The first is going to be five things you probably already knew about Asia Argento and the second list will be five things you probably didn't know about her. So, I'm not going to waste any more time, I am just going to get cracking!

Five Things You Probably Already Knew 
About Asia Argento

1. She is the daughter of director Dario Argento and actress Daria Nicolodi.

2. She was nine years old when she was cast in her first film role and sixteen when her father cast her for hte first time in one of his films.

3. She is an actress, singer, model, writer, and director as well as a mother of two. 

4. In 2008, she married Michele Civetta, a film maker and artist who has directed music videos for Lou Reed, Ladytron, Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes, and some other musicians. 

5. Asia Argento's full name is Aria Asia Maria Vittoria Rosa Argento.

Five Things You Probably Didn't Know 
About Asia Argento

1. She has suffered from depression on account of her parents working so much while she was a child. 

2. She also suffered from agoraphobia while working on her film Scarlet Diva. This film is partially based on her own life.

3. She modeled and endorsed a brand of clothing called Miss Sixty. 

4. She did a 54 episode video diary for Nick Knight's SHOWstudio. These episodes were shot three times a day from October 17 - October 25 in 2006 and are titled: "Don't Bother to Knock". 

5. She has worked in the music industry as a singer, an inspiration to a song titled after herself, and as an actress in a music video for Placebo's "This Picture".

Alrighty my dears, I hope you enjoyed today's FEARce Friday post! 

Stay Spooky,

Sara, AGBF

This Ghouls 100th Post

Well, my dear readers, it happened... I have hit my 100th post with this blog! When I first started this in 2011, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. I knew that I wanted to promote my shop, but wasn't sure what else would become of my blog. I had no idea how I was going to promote myself, apart from Facebook and friends. There was also that minor detail of having something interesting enough to say that would make people not only check out my posts, but keep coming back for more. I could have very well fallen on my face, but I didn't! Thank goodness!

In the past two and a half years, I have attempted to entertain my readers with horror related goodness and much more. I promote my shop and the events that I vend at as well as shops that carry my items. I have done interviews with fellow crafters and artists I have met on Etsy and locally. I try to shake things up with some horror trivia and reviews. I also started making some wish list posts because I know I am not the only person that would love to own a Beetle Juice mug or a Re-Animator pillow. I have even started a series of posts that I like to call Friday's FEARce Five where I try to put a little more horror into everyone's lives. 

What can I say, I like to shake things up! And let's be honest, at the end of the day, no one likes to see shameless self promotion 24/7. I think keeping that in mind has helped me to reach many people outside of my friends, family, and Etsy peeps. When I made my first post I had a measly 43 views that month. Every month since, my number of views increased. These days I have, literally, hundreds of views, and sometimes I have thousands. This is phenomenal! I never expected that to happen and it wouldn't have without such loyal readers! So as a Thank You, starting Sunday (September 22, 2013) I will be giving you awesome boils and ghouls 25% off your entire purchase! This promotion will run from September 22, 2013 until September 30, 2013. So take advantage while you can! 

To save 25% on your entire purchase use the following code at checkout: AGBF100POSTS

Thanks again! And stay tuned for today's FEARce Five as well as an exciting announcement! 

Stay Spooky,

Sara, AGBF

Friday, September 13, 2013

FEARce Five Vol. 5 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Franchise

Well, first and foremost, Happy Friday the 13th! I don't know about everywhere else in the world, but today was the first day in over a week where the weather wasn't disgustingly hot and humid. Such pleasant weather on such an odd day. 

So, today's FEARce Five is all about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Franchise. The lovely lady behind Agony's Decay was kind enough to let me pick her mind on the topic and she has some awesome answers to some killer questions. Since I am getting to this a lot later in the day than I normally do, I am going to just dive in with our convo and skip the long intro!

1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the eighth highest grossing horror franchise to date. When I first read this information I was surprised. Personally, I thought it would have been higher on the list. Granted, I didn't expect it outrank Friday the 13th or A Nightmare on Elm Street, but I was still surprised when it didn't out rank franchises such as Saw, Scream, and even the Hannibal Lecter film series. Why do you think this classic franchise is low on the horror totem pole?

I believe this classic franchise is low on the horror totem pole for many reasons. Firstly, there are entirely too many sequels, prequels, and remakes. If horror fans are anything like me, they love the originals and don’t believe they need too many sequels or remakes. Secondly, it is an older film. Horror fans are always looking for the next ‘big’ horror film. Thirdly, I believe that from film to film, it lacks a consistent plot. There are also humane issues that may have inadvertently affected this franchise’s gross. Meat is murder. The Sawyer family ran a slaughter house that killed animals. Vegetarians and vegans and many organizations everywhere frown upon that even though the family was killing people. In retrospect, it could have also helped many people stop eating meat because of the cannibalism and meat murderous activity.

2. Like many books and films, this franchise is partly based on a true story. I spoke to a few people about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the past week to get a better insight of what the average Joe does and does not know about these films. What I learned is that about 50% of your horror movie lovers (not fanatics) know that the films are based on a true story. That being said, most of them thought the true story was about some crazy guy in Texas and not an older man from Wisconsin that enjoyed "crafting" with human remains. Do you think the reality of what these films are based on makes them more horrifying?

YAY for crafting with human remains!!! Absolutely, whether or not a person knows that this film was loosely based on Ed Gein, the reality of what these films are based on makes them entirely more horrifying. I am surprised that approximately 50% of people even know that it is based on a true story actually. For me, I believe any movie that is based on real events makes the movie more intriguing. For this franchise though and others like Silence of the Lambs the thought of an addiction to human skin, in itself, is gruesome.

3. Leatherface is a very iconic character to a major horror franchise and as such he has many elements that make up his character. He is dressed in normal clothes and sometimes dons a butchers apron that is usually covered in blood. He wields a chainsaw and wears a mask made from a human skin. There is no mistaking him for another slasher film villain. Which component of his overall appearance do you think has the biggest impact on viewers as far as the fear factor goes? and why?

I’m a HUGE fan of Leatherface’s character and overall appearance because his appearance is very unique. A bloody butcher’s apron and a loud and powerful chainsaw are all great additions to Leatherface’s get-up but nothing has as much impact as his masks. Throughout all the movies Leatherface wears “Pretty Woman Mask”, “Old Lady Mask”, and “The Killing Mask”. The thought of someone stitching skin together to make a mask is macabre enough but to have three different ones for different occasions makes Leatherface all the more morbid. For me, while I find “Old Lady and Pretty Woman Masks” particularly more gruesome, “The Killing Mask” is most terrifying for me because it looks so grim in different lighting. This ultimately makes him scarier.

4. Something that sets Leatherface apart from many horror villains is that there is no supernatural element to him. He doesn't kill you in your dreams, he wasn't drowned in Camp Crystal Lake, and he isn't a killer in a Good Guy dolls body. If you could revamp the film to give Leatherface a supernatural element, what would it be?

Good question! I’d like to say firstly that I’d never want to give Leatherface a supernatural power. For me horror and the supernatural aren’t always good companions. However, I would give him the power to project what his plans of murder are to the person he is about to murder, before they undergo his surgeries. It would be an ultimate mind fuck to know that firstly, there is no way to get away and to k now what is going to happen to you before it happens. To have to contemplate it and realize its realness would be an ultimate scare-all. 

5. This, like many major horror films, has been remade/rebooted. In the last ten years there have been three new films added to the franchise. Most horror fans either love them or hate them. Where do you stand and why?

I am almost always opposed to remakes, prequels, and sequels. I like for films that were made so well, such as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre to be left alone. Because I am a huge fan of this particular franchise I will admit that I enjoy all the sequels and the remakes. There are things about them that I don’t care for but overall, they have made a gallant effort to keep horror and Leatherface alive. So for me, this is impressive. Overall, though, I’d have to say I’m on the fence, neither loving nor hating them. It also depends on the franchise.

Agony's Decay's Top Five Reasons to Watch the Original 1974 Version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

1. The close-up, raw, and grainy cinematography. The camera crew brings the viewers right up into the terror, full fledged.

2. The original is where it all started. They didn’t have to have an overtly amount of blood and gore to scare you.

3. The original gives you more history and more of an insight into the life of the family.

4. You just might never need to see any of the others.

5. For the popular franchises, Texas Chainsaw came first, before the slasher films, making it a pioneer to the genre.

This Ghouls Top Five Reasons to Watch the Original  1974 Version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

1. This film is a major influence in the slasher subgenre of horror.

2. This film is still considered one of the greatest and most controversial films. It was banned in several countries and even multiple times in the same country taking up to 25 years to finally be approved for public viewing and distribution.

3. Gunnar freaking Hansen!

4. For the pure irony that no one is actually filmed being massacred by the chainsaw and they only person on screen to be seen cut by it is Leatherface himself. 

5. This is a story with no supernatural elements and the way it was filmed on top of the script leaves the potential for the reality aspect of this story to really impact the fear factor for the viewers. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

FEARce Five Vol. 4 - Rose McGowan

Happy Friday my dears! For today's installment of Friday's FEARce Five, I am going to do something a little different. Instead of asking five questions to a fellow gore whore, I am going to take this one solo. Yesterday was Rose McGowan's birthday and to celebrate, I am going to create a post filled with awesome facts about this actress as well as my Top Five Favorite Rose McGowan films! So, let's get this party started!

The following are 5 things you may not have known about Rose McGowan!
1. She was born in Italy and her family was raised within the Italian chapter of The Children of God. The Children of God is an extremist Christian cult. Don't worry, she hasn't been a part of this group since the early 80's.

2. Rose McGowan's first film was a 90's flick called "Class of 1999" as a student, this role was uncredited. Two years later she would have her first role in a major film called "Encino Man". Yes! She is in the Pauly Shore/Sean Astin/Brendan Fraser caveman movie!!!

3. During Rose McGowan's relationship with Marilyn Manson, she participated in his musical career for the Mechanical Animals album. She appears in the music video for "Coma White" and is a back up vocalist for the song "Posthuman". 

4. In Rose McGowan's free time, she enjoys knitting, gardening, and collecting Marlene Dietrich memorabilia. 

5. In the 1996 film "Scream", Rose McGowan's character, Tatum, is supposed to crawl through a door dog door and get stuck. During the filming of this scene, she actually could fit through the dog door, to everyones surprise. In an interview about the film, she said that she had bruises on her sides and stomach from filming this particular scene.

This Ghouls Top Five Favorite Rose McGowan Films

1. Jawbreaker (1999)
2. The Doom Generation (1995)
3. Planet Terror (2007)
4. Devil in the Flesh (1998)
5. Scream (1996)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Ghouls Wish List for September 2013 Vol 1

If you haven't guessed it by now, I like creepy things. It doesn't matter if it's a movie, book, clothing, an accessory, or some home decor. Chances are, if it looks spooky or like a Halloween decoration, I will probably love it and keep it up in my home year round. I am always meeting awesome crafters and artists on Etsy as well as stumbling  upon awesomely spooky things I want to own. Most of the time I don't buy these things for myself, but it doesn't mean I don't want them any less. I would like to share some of these awesome finds with my fellow horror hounds and who knows, maybe a certain Ghoulish Husband will be so kind as to purchase his wife one of these things for a special occasion or just a Wednesday. One can only hope. Alright, so I hope you all are ready to see This Ghoul's Wish List for September 2013!

So, this first thing I stumbled upon on Etsy. I am a part of several horror related Etsy Teams and have met several amazing and talented people because of this. Not too long ago, I did an interview with Shayne of Shayne of the Dead. Since doing this interview I have kept in contact with Shayne and have seen his business grow! He now has a second Etsy site called Stuff of the Dead where he sells his art on things like tote bags, plates, id holders, jewelry, and even skate decks! On top of this, one of Shayne's items is in this months issue of Rue Morgue! Maybe it is because I have become very familiar with his work as well as his style, but as soon as I saw a picture of a tote with one of his prints on it I knew exactly what this was and where I could get it without having to second guess myself. I was so excited, I messaged Shayne with a congrats and told him, "this must be what parents feel when their kids win the spelling bee." Anyways, one of his items has made it to my Wish List for this month! I am in love with all of his prints, but for some reason this Ouija Board blanket just warms my heart. I can picture myself on a lazy Sunday in Fall watching horror movies on the couch wrapped up in this and that makes me happy.

The next item on my Wish List is something I stumbled upon during a random google search. I ended up on finding an awesome assortment of bride and groom skeleton figurines and my heart skipped a beat. The website you can find this specific figurine is called Halloween Town and they are located in California. 

The third item I am going to share is a shower curtain from the same site. This curtain can be found on many websites, but Halloween Town's site is where I first stumbled upon this kitschy curtain. 

I have one more Etsy find that screams sweet and twisted! It is a super cute clutch with knuckle dusters for the handle that happens to have a blinged out snake on the top. It is also made with a snakeskin print. It looks awesome and looks like something a rock star would have which doesn't make me love it any less. You can find this and many other awesome bags at Sugar and Razorblades on Etsy.

The next two items are both home decor items I found while surfing Sourpuss Clothings Site. The first one is a set of salt and pepper shakers that feature Frankenstein and his Bride. They both have a magnet on their lips so that the two can appear kissing. 

The second Soupuss Clothing find is set of tools, a flathead and phillips head screwdrivers. The thing that makes these creepy is that the handles are zombie heads! 

The last item I am going to share is something that Rue Morgue shared on their Facebook page this afternoon! I have no idea where to get this or if it will even be for sale, all I know is that it is bad ass and I want it! It is a Carrie White Lamp. I don't need to say anything else, this lamp is just that awesome!

I hope everyone enjoyed today's Wish List! Keep an eye out for this Friday's FEARce Five.

Stay Spooky, 

Sara, AGBF