Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Ghouls Wish List for October 2013 Vol. 1

Before I became an Etsy seller, I was an Etsy buyer! It was almost a problem. In fact, to this day, the majority of my purchases that aren't food or clothes are done on Etsy. I use it buy craft supplies, accessories, shirts, gifts for others, antiques that my grandmother owned, and even soap. Since I am always on Etsy, I decided to make an October Wish List filled with items you can find on Etsy. I hope you all like some of my creepy favorites!

This item is a necklace made by Fable And Fury. It is a black stainless steel pendant featuring the one and only Vincent Price! This seller has many other necklaces that I would love to own! This shops has necklaces featuring John Waters, Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, Alfred Hitchcock, and David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust!

Since I am a bookworm as well as a horror nut, it should be no wonder that I am adding this next item to my wishlist: Halloween bookends! This past summer, I had Freddy Krueger bookends made by this seller, Custom Creations 2 U. They were made to order and took some time to arrive, but when they did my friend was beyond thrilled to receive them!

I am the type of person that likes to watch horror movies, but likes having them displayed all over the house as well! Horror movie posters, skulls, Beetle Juice figures on display... it's just how I roll. This item is a painted record with Ghost Face from Scream on it. It's for sale in a shop called Ace Troy Pop Art. This shop is filled with awesome art for anyone who loves horror, fashion, or music. This shop has something for almost everyone. 

As someone who likes to cook, but hates getting covered in everything from flour to different sauces, I am a huge enthusiast of aprons in the kitch! And hey, if that apron happens to remind me of Freddy Krueger, so be it! This item is made by Haute Mess Threads and this is just one of many awesome aprons this shop has to offer! They even have an awesome Matrix apron

The last item I have to share is something else that, like the Freddy apron, is creepy and practical. Since my husband is an AT&T manager, I know the value and importance to protecting your phone with accessories, but I get bored with plane Jane covered that only come in black and pink. I was and still am super excited to have found this awesome case made by Stuff and Thingz. You can find all sorts of awesome phone covers at this shop for Samsung, HTC, and Apple products. 

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