Friday, September 20, 2013

FEARce Five Vol. 6 - Asia Argento

Hello my sweet and twisted readers! Are you ready for today's FEARce Five? I know I'm not and I'm the one typing it!!!!! I don't mean that in a bad way, I just feel overloaded with information and so many interesting facts about today's subject: Asia Argento!

There is so much about this lady that is badass, intriguing, sexy, mysterious, and even a bit unexpected. It is really difficult to pick five facts about Asia to share with everyone. That being said, I am going to have two FEARce Five lists! The first is going to be five things you probably already knew about Asia Argento and the second list will be five things you probably didn't know about her. So, I'm not going to waste any more time, I am just going to get cracking!

Five Things You Probably Already Knew 
About Asia Argento

1. She is the daughter of director Dario Argento and actress Daria Nicolodi.

2. She was nine years old when she was cast in her first film role and sixteen when her father cast her for hte first time in one of his films.

3. She is an actress, singer, model, writer, and director as well as a mother of two. 

4. In 2008, she married Michele Civetta, a film maker and artist who has directed music videos for Lou Reed, Ladytron, Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes, and some other musicians. 

5. Asia Argento's full name is Aria Asia Maria Vittoria Rosa Argento.

Five Things You Probably Didn't Know 
About Asia Argento

1. She has suffered from depression on account of her parents working so much while she was a child. 

2. She also suffered from agoraphobia while working on her film Scarlet Diva. This film is partially based on her own life.

3. She modeled and endorsed a brand of clothing called Miss Sixty. 

4. She did a 54 episode video diary for Nick Knight's SHOWstudio. These episodes were shot three times a day from October 17 - October 25 in 2006 and are titled: "Don't Bother to Knock". 

5. She has worked in the music industry as a singer, an inspiration to a song titled after herself, and as an actress in a music video for Placebo's "This Picture".

Alrighty my dears, I hope you enjoyed today's FEARce Friday post! 

Stay Spooky,

Sara, AGBF

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