Thursday, June 30, 2011

King of the Bubble

I just heard about the craziest thing! There is a competition in Brussels called King of the Bubble. In this competition people are in a large, deep pool and blow ring shaped bubbles. Sounds kind of lame, but it isn't!

First off, the pool is 100 feet deep! Suck on that for a minute! Competitors get into the water and using their mouths, attempt to make ring shaped bubbles, one after the other that go all the way to the surface. Secondly, these bubble makin folk are only equipped with their goggles, bathing suits, and their own set of lungs. There is a person with an oxygen tank near by that gives them more air when needed or in case anything goes wrong.

The way you win this contest is to be the person with the best bubbles, duh! They are judged on their size, shape, how perfect the rings are, and how many bubbles they can do in one breath. The contestants do so using a technique that is similar to that of blowing smoke rings.

This year the competition had 35 entries, but it all came down to one winner, 31 year old Francine Kreiss from Hyeres, France. To hell with Lord of the Dance! It's all about King of the Bubbles in my book, or in this case, Queen of the Bubbles!

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