Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Ghouls Wish List for September 2013 Vol 1

If you haven't guessed it by now, I like creepy things. It doesn't matter if it's a movie, book, clothing, an accessory, or some home decor. Chances are, if it looks spooky or like a Halloween decoration, I will probably love it and keep it up in my home year round. I am always meeting awesome crafters and artists on Etsy as well as stumbling  upon awesomely spooky things I want to own. Most of the time I don't buy these things for myself, but it doesn't mean I don't want them any less. I would like to share some of these awesome finds with my fellow horror hounds and who knows, maybe a certain Ghoulish Husband will be so kind as to purchase his wife one of these things for a special occasion or just a Wednesday. One can only hope. Alright, so I hope you all are ready to see This Ghoul's Wish List for September 2013!

So, this first thing I stumbled upon on Etsy. I am a part of several horror related Etsy Teams and have met several amazing and talented people because of this. Not too long ago, I did an interview with Shayne of Shayne of the Dead. Since doing this interview I have kept in contact with Shayne and have seen his business grow! He now has a second Etsy site called Stuff of the Dead where he sells his art on things like tote bags, plates, id holders, jewelry, and even skate decks! On top of this, one of Shayne's items is in this months issue of Rue Morgue! Maybe it is because I have become very familiar with his work as well as his style, but as soon as I saw a picture of a tote with one of his prints on it I knew exactly what this was and where I could get it without having to second guess myself. I was so excited, I messaged Shayne with a congrats and told him, "this must be what parents feel when their kids win the spelling bee." Anyways, one of his items has made it to my Wish List for this month! I am in love with all of his prints, but for some reason this Ouija Board blanket just warms my heart. I can picture myself on a lazy Sunday in Fall watching horror movies on the couch wrapped up in this and that makes me happy.

The next item on my Wish List is something I stumbled upon during a random google search. I ended up on finding an awesome assortment of bride and groom skeleton figurines and my heart skipped a beat. The website you can find this specific figurine is called Halloween Town and they are located in California. 

The third item I am going to share is a shower curtain from the same site. This curtain can be found on many websites, but Halloween Town's site is where I first stumbled upon this kitschy curtain. 

I have one more Etsy find that screams sweet and twisted! It is a super cute clutch with knuckle dusters for the handle that happens to have a blinged out snake on the top. It is also made with a snakeskin print. It looks awesome and looks like something a rock star would have which doesn't make me love it any less. You can find this and many other awesome bags at Sugar and Razorblades on Etsy.

The next two items are both home decor items I found while surfing Sourpuss Clothings Site. The first one is a set of salt and pepper shakers that feature Frankenstein and his Bride. They both have a magnet on their lips so that the two can appear kissing. 

The second Soupuss Clothing find is set of tools, a flathead and phillips head screwdrivers. The thing that makes these creepy is that the handles are zombie heads! 

The last item I am going to share is something that Rue Morgue shared on their Facebook page this afternoon! I have no idea where to get this or if it will even be for sale, all I know is that it is bad ass and I want it! It is a Carrie White Lamp. I don't need to say anything else, this lamp is just that awesome!

I hope everyone enjoyed today's Wish List! Keep an eye out for this Friday's FEARce Five.

Stay Spooky, 

Sara, AGBF

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