Thursday, October 25, 2012

Haunted Hair Candy

Keeping with the Halloween theme, I have another Etsy shop that I would like to share with you all! The shop is called haunted Hair Candy and it is owned by a lovely lady named Crystal. She makes amazing one of a kind accessories, many of which are Day of the Dead themed. Crystal recently took the time to chat with me about her shop, Day of the Dead culture, Halloween, and slasher films. Warning: I may be about to break into song because These are a few of my favorite thiiiiiiiiiiiiings! What? Can't a ghoul like The Sound of Music!?!! Okay, without further hesitation, here is my interview with Crystal of Haunted Hair Candy!

1. What types of items do you sell?

I try to focus on my skull and bone hair accessories, but I am always thinking up new items. Hand painted Skulls and Bones. I have Hand painted Skull earrings to match with clips.

2. I really love your shop name. It is sweet and twisted and stands out to me. I am always forgetting names of shops, even the ones I really like, but yours just stays with me. How did you come up with the name?

That means a lot! Thank you. I had a previous blog Misfit Housewife and that evolved into Haunted Hair Candy. Like you said "Sweet and Twisted", or "Spooky Cute", "Deadly Dame". I wanted something cute for girls to wear that dont like the "fru-fru" girlie stuff!

3. Why did you choose Sugar Skulls to create your one of a kind, handmade items? What is it about them that appeals to you?

I love skulls so I wanted to start out with skulls and naturally evolving into sugar skulls. I LOVE the bright colors and so many different designs you can create. I DREAM about all the possibilities!

4. What is your process like when you decide to create a sugar skull hair accessory from getting an idea to the final product? How long does it typically take you?

This might sound weird or odd, but most of my creations come to me in DREAMS!! The next morning I cant wait to wake up to try to recreate what I saw in my dream. I always do a test skull and then add or remove things that I think look good or bad. Takes about a full day to get everything perfect and ready for selling.

5. What other handmade items do you like to make? Are you working on anything new to sell in your shop?

I try to make everything that I pin to my Pintrest, I am obsessed and the ideas on that site keep my mind fresh and exciting! I have new hand molded Haunted Cupcakes and also a Frankenstien monster in the works!

6. The popularity of Day of the Dead culture and art has been growing the last few years more than ever. Do you think it's growth has to do with people becoming more aware of the culture and having an appreciation of it or more so the commercialism of it by retail stores and horror related culture becoming more mainstream? Do you think its popularity will continue to grow? Explain.

I have seen it grow so HUGE just in these past few years. I see sugar skull designs mixed in with tattoo design, which I love. Once people dig deeper and further then just commercial looks. You reveal a beautiful holiday that celebrates death, a natural process. The respect to never forget the ones who have passed.

7. Since it is October, I am going to ask What is your most favorite scary movie and why?

I have always loved A Nightmare on Elm Street. Watched it so many times you learn every word. Also, Faces of Death would get my skin creepy crawling.

8. What is your favorite part about Halloween and why?

Coming up with new fun decorations for the house and takin gmy daughter out with the family and trick- or - treat!

9. There have been a ton of classic slasher films that have been rebooted in recent times including A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Halloween and this upcoming March the reboot of Carrie will be hitting theaters. What is your opinion about all of the horror movies that have been rebooted in the past few years?

OH NO! Industry questions! My Husband works in the entertainment industry, so during movies I have to shut him up because he is always saying "I worked on that", "That's not real", and things along those lines. I love the originals so much I am scared to see the remakes because I don't think they are doing a good job at all! Some inside info, The Munsters is getting re-done and before it even comes out it has horrible ratings. They turned it into an Addams Family. One big reason is that Herman Munster is not a huge giant Frankenstein , he is just a regular man.. NO WAY.. see don't get me started!

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