Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jewelry on the Brain!

In the short time that I have been on Etsy I have had the pleasure of getting to know many sellers and buyers. They sellers have always amazed me with their endless talents, the time they put into their shops, and still having the time to live their lives and raise their families. It's amazing what people can accomplish with so little spare time with their busy lives. Today's featured shop is Katiebug Creations

The owner of this shop is Marianne and she is one of these people! She is from Illinois, the mother of three children, a loving wife, and a skilled jewelry maker. I asked her a few questions and this is what I learned about Marianne today.

Green Glass Seed Bead Shamrock Pendant Necklace

1. How did you get started making jewelry and get started on Etsy?

I have been making projects for as long as I can remember. Music and art in school when I was younger.

I started making jewelry in 2007. I started to sell it about 2008. Before that I did candle making, soaps, and stamping as gifts. While doing the jewelry I also got into cake decorating. I just love to make things. And I try new things all the time.

I am a full time mom and love it!. I would also love it if my etsy shop took off, It would be an ideal job since my youngest will be starting school this year.

Wire Wrapped Dragonfly Necklace

2. How do you juggle your home life, making jewelry,  and a social life?

Honestly I have no idea how I juggle it all? :) I guess I just do the next thing. I was diagnosed in 2007 with SLE Lupus as well. It means I have to keep my stress to a minimum so I think making jewelry helps me. Plus my faith in Jesus is a big factor. I endlessly make lists and schedules. Being organized helps a lot. Plus I'm a clean freak so I am always on the go. Making Jewelry is a down time kind of a thing. I think I have a good social life... I have 3 kids...;) My husband still loves me despite being surrounded by my crafting stuff. And I enjoy making jewelry for my friends and family. It's like sharing a piece of me with them.

Beach Inspired Blue Tone Bead and Chain Bracelet

3. Where do you think you draw most of your inspiration from and do you think it shows in your pieces?

I constantly have some idea running through my brain of different projects or ideas, some times I sketch them out to get a rough picture. It depends on the day. I check out pictures in magazines and when I go to the store or on Etsy I find ideas as well. When I see something I always take it and then turn it into my own. I love making simple pieces nothing to complicated or involved. Stuff I can look at and say "I can make that".

Gold Circle Chandelier Brown Glass Bead Earrings

4. Is there any item in your shop that you are particularly proud of making either because you did it or because it was a challenge? Which piece and why?

I have a couple. I have a stash that I make for myself and then there are ones I make to sell or give as gifts. The Dragonfly necklace is the most recent... I saw someone made one out of copper wire a bit smaller and thicker. I have a friend who loves dragonflies so I figured why not try to make one. At first I tried it free hand but it didn't work out so well, and I remembered I have a wire wrapping tool so why not use that. Well it worked! I added beads to mine and my friend loves it. Same with the Bee necklace. Sometimes I like my pieces just because the colors come together in the right way. Then there are times I make one that goes into the remake pile and no one sees it EVER. :)

Wire Wrapped Bee Necklace

5. Are you currently working on any new items that you would like to share?

I love to work on new projects all the time. When I find new beads, see a cool picture or piece I start planning how I can make it my own way. Right now my family is busy with end of the school year stuff and birthdays so mostly I am in gift mode. I have not had a ton of time to make new things. Summer will be here soon and I will have more time for projects.
Purple and Clear Glass Bead Necklace with Resin Pendant

6. Are there any mediums or techniques you haven't used that you are thinking of trying out? 

There are SOOOO many different mediums. I have used polymer clay before I don't think I have gotten the nack of it yet. My pieces didn't come out as nice as my perfection complex would have liked. But I won't stop trying. I have used stamping and shrinky dink paper to make beads. That is fun. I would LOVE to be able to try metal clay. I have SOOOOO many ideas for it. I just don't have any room for the equipment. Plus I have little kids, open flame is not a good mix. Maybe in the near future. I like to use whatever I can get my hands on.

Wire Wrapped Lupus Awareness Bracelet

7. What advice would you give to someone that wants to start making jewelry?

For any one who wants to start making jewelry I would have to say GO FOR IT! That is how I started. I didn't take classes or go to school, I just did it. Who cares if you don't know how to make it, try making it your own way if it doesn't work out then start over and try it again. Eventually you will make something you like. When I first started there was only a small section for beads and jewelry making. Now there are so many choices and styles. I love it. Get books, find pictures, take apart store bought jewelry you don't wear anymore, make new things with it... just try it you might just love it like I did! 

Purple and Black 8 Strand Seed Bead Necklace

If you would like to check out more of Marianne's work please visit her shop! She also has a facebook page.

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