Sunday, November 11, 2012

Geekin Out in Evangelina's Closet

Well, I hope you all are ready to geek out because I have a new featured seller that is all about geek culture. It doesn't matter what kind of geek you are, this girl has you covered! Superman geek? Done! Twilight fan? She's got you covered! Harry Potter freak? She's go something for you too! Can't get enough of The Big Bang Theory? Check out this girls shop! Star Wars obsessed? Right this way! not a geek, but have a geek boyfriend? There is something here for you too! And on the off chance that you aren't a geek, but you are getting married, she has a little something non-geek related to help you celebrate. The shop I am talking about is Evangelina's Closet and it is run by a lovely lady named Nikki, though we probably should start calling her Wonder Woman since she does it all. So sit back and let your geek juices flow as you get to know more about Nikki and her shop!

My name is Nikki, I'm 34 and live in Michigan. I have a daughter and unfortunately we lost or golden retriever recently. Once upon a time I was a writer (journalist) but this fantastic economy brought that to a screeching halt. One divorce and a downsizing later, here I am. I needed to find a way to support us and an Etsy store seemed like a possibility. Hobbies: Reading, writing, travel, community theater, volunteering for local organizations and causes.

1. How long have you been making items with prints on them and how did you get started?

My Grandma retired from a heat press business and gave me her press and inventory a little over a year ago. I loved the idea but didn't like most of the generic prints available. I found a way to design my own prints around five months ago and the rest is history.

2. Your items cater to a wide variety of people from babies to brides. Is there a demographic that you would like to appeal to that you may not have reached yet?

My target demographic is really all the geeks out there who now find themselves popular. We love Star Wars and comic books and literature. We were the odd kids in school and now we really do rule the world. It's cool to be uncool and I love celebrating that. My wedding section is the only exception to that rule (though I'm working on some geekier options there as well). That's my 'I want to make pretty things' outlet.

3. Are you working on anything new that you would like to share with my readers?

I'm always working on a new project. I plan to add a line of jewelry to my shop before Christmas. Like a lot of other items in my shop, the line will be geek centered and varied. I'll use actual book and comic book pages to create unique necklaces, bracelets and rings.

4. Do you have any big plans for your shop for the upcoming holidays? Sales, holiday themed items, events... etc

This will be my first holiday season on Etsy and it's sort of snuck up on me. I do have some holiday designs in the works and have just added a holiday themed panty and a Star Wars themed First Christmas bodysuit to my shop. I'll have more Christmas designs listed in the next few weeks.
I'm formulating a 12 Days of Christmas sale but am still finalizing the details.

5. What is your most favorite item that is currently for sale in your shop and why?

It's tough to choose a favorite item. I think I'd have to say my River Song themed shirts. I always get fun comments when I wear mine and I just love the character.

6. I see that you have some book related items. Do you have a favorite book? What is it and why?

I love books. From Pride and Prejudice to the Harry Potter series. My favorite series of books is actually one I don't make any designs for because it's a bit more obscure. I've read the Pern books by Anne McCaffrey countless times and absolutely adore them.

7. I noticed a few Big Bang Theory themed items. Who is your favorite character on the show and why?

Ah Big Bang Theory. The characters remind me so much of my brothers and their friends. My favorite character is Leonard. He knows how hopelessly nerdy his is and still manages to make himself the guy you wish you could date.

8. What advice would give to a someone that is new to selling on Etsy?

I'm not sure I'm qualified to give advice but I tell people not to give up. I sold nothing when I opened my shop. I mean ghost towns get more traffic than I did. For two months I got no sales, no views and absolutely no interest from anyone. I just kept tweaking things and trying to work on photos and joining teams and networking and one day the dam broke. I'm still not sure what happened or how, but it's possible if you just keep plugging away.

9. As a seller on Etsy, do you think social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have helped promote your shop and why? How do you find time to maintain your sites without staying on the computer all day?

I'm honestly not a fan of facebook or Twitter as shop promotion tools. I work on both but I don't see a lot of traffic from either. But I do think social networking can be helpful. I get a decent amount of traffic and interest through Pinterest and my traffic and sales got a major bump when I started posting on Wanelo. As to not staying on the computer all day...I'm working on that. I find that scheduling myself helps. I could easily get sucked into staying online 'working' all day. But if I write out an actual schedule I find I really do follow it. If the schedule says I need to get offline and start packaging orders at 10 a.m. that's what I do. Also, telling myself I can always get back to it later-the websites aren't going anywhere- helps too.

10. Since I am A Ghouls Best Friend, I want to know what is it about Halloween that you like the most and why?

What's not to love about Halloween? You can dress up- usually in a costume you normally would never dare to try otherwise- put a coffin on the front porch without the neighbors batting an eyelash and eat as much candy as you want. But since my daughter was born, I'd have to say that she's my favorite part. Carving pumpkins, choosing her costume, decorating, it's all more fun with her.

If you would like to know more about Evangelina's Closet you can Like her shop on Facebook, find her on Wanelo, check her out on Pintrest, and scope out her Etsy Shop.

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