Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vintage and Antique Goods with Movie Maven

It's hard to believe that it is already time for another featured shop post! This week's featured shop from The Etsy Buddies Team is Movie Maven from Baltimore, Maryland! Movie Maven has been an Etsy seller since August of last year and sell vintage and antique items. She has everything from linens and jewelry to books and glassware. I asked Movie Maven a few questions and this is what I learned about her!

Vintage blue glass hen-on-a-nest candy dish

1. How did you get into selling vintage items?

I retired 3 years ago and have committed myself to unclutter the closets, cedar chests and dresser drawers in the house. I've been legal guardian to an elderly aunt, and after she died, I had the task of cleaning out her house, selling her home, cars, etc., and it took over 2 years. Then another aunt died, an uncle....and recently moved my mother into a senior apartment complex, then my brother . and my handicapped sister.

I helped them each move from a full sized house to a small apartment. My car was like a traveling flea market for over a year, constantly schlepping junk from somebody's house to Goodwill or Salvation Army. I thought it would never end.

I love antique linens, and can't help myself at flea markets, estate sales, and auctions. 

Vintage ladies Revlon Love-Pat compact

2. Is there anything specific you look for when you attend auctions or go to antique malls? Like to you look for housewares, clothing, kitchen supplies?

I'm usually checking out the linens, vintage glassware and silver/silverplate items. Linens tend to go for a song, especially at an auction. Folks these days are not into washing and ironing table linens, nor polishing silver. I love taking care of pretty things.

Vintage Whiting and Davis gold necklace

3. Have you ever come across an item you couldn't part with? If so what was it?

An item I couldn't part with?? I adore vintage pillowcases, those that have embroidery, tatting, lace or openwork on them, and have collected more than my fair share. I especially love cutwork on anything - pillowslips, tablecloths, and dresser scarves. I've had to sell a few off, just to make room for more things that fit my tables better. I'm also guilty of spreading the wealth around by giving away beautiful linens, vases, silver, etc to friends and relatives. 

Vintage Old Salem, North Carolina tea towel

4. If you could give any advice to someone that has never gone out looking for antiques and vintage items, what would that be?

Start small. Concentrate in one or two areas initially, and spend a lot of time researching the marketability of what you want to collect. Important to know prices and how it relates to condition. A $300 Waterford vase with a crack or chip won't fetch $10. After gaining some experience in a small area, branch out to other items that you like. Attend auctions and estate sales, flea markets, etc as much as possible. eBay is also a good barometer for what's selling and for how much, but its also a fickle market. What's hot this week can be cold potatoes next. 

Vintage Fostoria "Astral" pattern serving pieces

5. Ohhhh, I also wanted to ask.... since your name is movie maven.... what is your take on John Waters? and who is your all time favorite leading lady?

 John Waters - he's helped give Baltimore some glam and notoriety.

Favorite actress: Bette Davis is at the top of the list. I hated her movies as a kid (I think because they were mostly black and white and were probably too sophisticated for a kid). When I got older, I watched Now Voyager and became an instant fan. Also love Hedy Lamarr, Irene Dunn, Myrna Loy, Mary Aster, Beulah Bondi and Thelma Ritter.

Most of those names aren't recognizable these days, but I'm a movie maven and adore old movies - the golden age of Hollywood (movies of the late 30s, 40s and 50s). 

If you would like what you read and what to see what's in store, just check out Movie Maven's Etsy Shop!

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