Monday, April 4, 2011

A Ghouls Best Friend Does PA!

This weekend I attended The Jim Thorpe Burlesque Festival in Jim Thorpe, PA. I was a vendor as well as a patron. This weekend was jam packed with vendors, classes, and performers! It was amazing and I don't know how I am going to be able to describe this festival well enough to give it the credit that it deserves. Friday and Saturday nights both had a ton of burlesque performers gracing the stage. There were so many creative acts hat i don't even know where to begin. The headliners were Jaqueline Hyde and Red Hot Annie..... both were amazing. Jaqueline Hyde had a few acts and the one that had me cracking up like no other involved her pretending to be drunk during her performance.... it reminded me of so many nights in which I stumbled home drunk and kicked off my shoes and ungracefully tried to take off my tights and bra. Red Hot Annie came out during a performance with a sign on her front that looked like a short dress and she used paint that matched her skin ton and painted the clothes off before removing the board. There were so many fabulous performers and quite a few from Baltimore! I was giving it up for my local ladies! They really know how to work a stage with just a g string and tassels. everything about this festival was unforgettable! The performers were amazing, the vendors had incredible handmade goods, and everyone was so pleasant! The lady that pulled all of this together with the help of a few others is Madame Corsetiere, Brooke! This woman is so beautiful, so funny, so generous, so talented, and so thoughtful that I almost wish I lived in the middle of nowhere, mountainville, Jim Thorpe too! She owns a shop called Dragontown Corsets and coming soon, Dragontown Vintage! She makes corsets and does custom orders as well. If you are interested in high quality corsets with some of the most beautiful fabrics you'll ever see, check out her site. She has everything from checker board picnic patterns to spider webs! I cannot wait until next year! I have a feeling that this will become a regular event for me to attend and vend at as well! I want to say thanks to everyone that came out and helped make this weekend one of the best that I have had in a long time!

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