Monday, September 15, 2014

Hampden Fest 2014

That's right my Baltimore ghoulies! Hampden Fest 2014 is coming up fast! This Saturday, September 20th, I will be vending in front of Kiss N Make-Up on The Avenue! This is my fourth year vending at this amazing festival.

So, what can you expect to find at Hampden Fest? Good question!


Everything from Old Bay Pickles and Natty Boh T Shirts to Handmade jewelry and Art made by locals!

Food and Beer

Chef Hogate ’85 – Thai Food
East Fresh – Chicken Terriyaki, Fried Rice and Lo-mein
International Grill Co.
Nader's Catering
N&A Catering

As well as Beers from local favorites: The Brewer's Art and Union Craft Brewing


Three stages that will flood your ears with live music. 

The Toilet Bowl Race

Yes, a Toilet Bowl Race. It happens every year and is always a treat to watch. It may sound like a big joke, but this competition is anything butt.... did you see what I did there.... I'm talking strict rules and all sorts of qualifications. 

Hampden's Got Talent

This is very similar to when we did Hampden Idol, except now we have opened the competition to talents of all sorts, including singing.

So stop by, grab a brew, and don't forget to check out my tent!

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