Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Think Geek Wish List

So, I finally decided to give a look-see and I was pleasantly surprised. There was a lot more than just some Star Wars and video game merch. I found a few things that caught my eye and I wish to share them with my fellow kitsch bitches and gore hounds!

1. Human Organ Lunch Tote. I am one of those gals that tends to pack their lunch rather than order out, but I am without a lunch box. This seems like the perfect lunch tote that says, "don't even think about eating my food!" Plus, I think everyone at work would know it was mine and if I happen to get a good laugh or a double take from a co-worker, I will take that too!

2. Gummy Bear Ice Cube Tray! I love silicon mold ice cube trays. I used them for making soap as well as ice cubes.

3. Zombie his and hers mugs, uhh, yes please. These just melt my heart and I think it is a couple decor item that my husband wouldn't mind us owning.

4. Hot Mess Cutting Board. It is bloody, it is practical, and I'll take 5 please.

5. Hot Mess Ladle Holder. I just love a bloody mess that helps minimize a bloody mess.

6. Constellation Earrings. These are cute, classic, simple, and geeky. I love them. I think I would wear these all the time if I owned them. Special occasions, a night out, or maybe a coffee date.

Well, that was my Think Geek Wish List. I hope you saw something cute, fun, kitschy, or bloody that you hadn't seen before.

Stay Sweet and Twisted,

Sara, AGBF

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