Monday, March 28, 2011

Day of the Woman

In 1978 one of the most notorious revenge films ever made came to theaters and has forever traumatized any man that has ever seen it. This film is, of course, I Spit On Your Grave, also known as Day of the Woman. In the film, a young woman named Jennifer goes to a riverside cabin to work on her novel. Unfortunately, she has attracted the attention of some local men (if you can call them that) who later follow her, strip her, and rape her one by one. Jennifer survives, barely and turns the tables when she goes after the four men that attacked her one by one until she has had her revenge.... and boy does she ever get her revenge! 

Most of the publicity this film received was negative. It was first released, uncut, in Australia under "Day of the Woman" and was soon banned. It was later re-released as "I Spit on your Grave" and did a heck of a lot better, but still received negatively publicity from film critics Siskel and Ebert because of the violence towards the female lead. However, publicity is still publicity and the film soon became a cult and horror classic. Camille Keaton (the actress playing Jennifer), whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year, still attends horror conventions and is an absolute peach if I do say so myself.

Recently, the film has gotten a lot of heat again in large part to it's remake that came out last year. It has recently hit stores and has received slightly more positive publicity than the original had. Roger Ebert still gave the film zero out of five stars as he did the original, but that has yet to stop the public from watching it. While the film was waiting to get an MPAA rating the association told the film maker that they could give the movie an NC-17 rating, but they would have to take out a lot of scenes that would make the movie have less of an impact on viewers. In the end the film went unrated. There are some differences in this film and hidden goodies in this film... like when Jennifer is pumping gas and her total is $19.78 (1978 is the year the first one was released) and that there are five male attackers now instead of four. 

I'm going to say it, watch this film! Watch both films! Watch them if you are a bad ass chick that doesn't put up with bullshit! Watch it if a guy has ever hurt you and you wanted to hurt them back! Watch it if you think you can stomach it! Whatever you do, don't watch it alone, no matter how much you think the person you are watching it with will judge you. Just Watch It!!!!!!

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