Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Ghouls Wish List for August 2013

Hey Boils and Ghouls. I decided to switch it up and make a post about items that have caught my eye recently that are too awesome not to share! So, horror hounds beware, these items just might be right up your alley because they are a gore whore must have!

This item caught my eye in a magazine I was reading. It is a pillow made by Horror Decor. This item is a pillow that is the shape of a VHS tape. What makes this item fifty times even more badass is that the center, where a label would normally go, is velcro so that you can pick which movie the pillow features. 

They have everything from Cannibal Holocaust to Suspiria! The pillow costs $20 and movie labels are $5 each. This is a steal considering the size of the pillow and that fact that you can change the movie featured! Get them before Horror Decor realizes they should be charging more!

The next item on my wishlist is something horror fans have been waiting years for! It is finally here, the Friday the 13th boxset with all 12 films on Blu-ray! Previously, only the first three Friday the 13th films and Freddy Vs Jason had been on Blu-ray. Well the wait is over and there is a bonus disc as well!

Now, this item isn't anything new, but it is something I want! It's a mug with the movie poster of my favorite Tim Burton Film on it! If you don't like Beetle Juice then I am probably not friends with you. This mug can be found at Entertainment Earths Website.

I am one of those people that loves handbags, but I try not to buy too many of them because they are expensive and like most accessories and bags, they don't last forever. A few years ago I stumbled upon a company called HOLDFAST Handbags. This company makes handmade bags with retro designs and amazing prints. Everything from wristlets to bowling bags. I fell in love with this batty bag two years ago and haven't brought myself to buy it yet, but that day may come sooner rather than later. 

The last item I am sharing today is a pair of heels made by Iron Fist Clothing and Shoes. This company has some very unique items that are girly and horrifying at the same time. They makes clothes, shoes, and even press on nails! I recently fell in love with their Night A Light pumps and even though I will probably never own them before they sell out and are only on eBay, I still wanted to share them on my wishlist.

I hope you enjoyed this first installment of A Ghouls Wish List.


Sinister Sara

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