Saturday, April 27, 2013

Netflix Addiction Vol 1

Hi. My name is Sara and I am a Netflix-a-holic. I know, big whoop, so is half of the world. What can I say, I am addicted to horror movies and Netflix is my dealer. I knew Netflix had something I knew I already liked and I got my kicks. Then, Netflix said, hey... if you like violent slasher films, then you should check out some serial killer movies. You like scream queens? Check out some movies with a strong female lead. Ohhh, you watched Hick? Why not check out some more movies because you watched that one... Ohh, you wanted to re-watch an old fav called But I'm a Cheerleader? How about some more gay and lesbian movies... And before you know it you are on the last episode of season five of The L Word. Granted this was the short version of my five year love affair with Netflix, but I think you see what it is capable of. By the way, I literally am on the last episode of The L Words fifth season. Lord knows what I will start watching next!

This being said, I know that there are a lot people out there that love Netflix and I just wanted to share some of the awesome things I have watched recently and some of the ehhh, alright and some of the not so good ones as well. 

First off, in case you didn't know, Netflix has it's own shows that are only available through Netflix.  Two of which are called Hemlock Grove and House of Cards. Also, coming soon, new episodes of Arrested Development. I have watched a few episodes of House of Cards mainly because it was filmed in Baltimore and because I like Kevin Spacey. It's a political drama filled with the typical sex, lies, greed, and power hungry politicians... so kind of what you might expect. This show has already been done once before. It was a BBC miniseries of the same title and even the main character, Francis, has the same name. It's a really good series, but if you aren't into political drama and people using lingo you might hear in a law class, then this may not be for you. 

Hemlock Grove, is completely different! This one is a mystery/drama series. It is about a town where a teenage girl is found murdered and people suspect a wild animal of sorts is the culprit. I have only seen the first episode and I feel like I need to re-watch because I was distracted at the time, bu it seems like it has a lot of potential. Plus, it has an amazing cast! Famke Jannsen and Lili Taylor to name a few. Ohhh and I can't forget to mention Peter Skarsgard, what a looker! 

As for movies... I haven't watched too many lately since I have been in my L Word phase. This show is pretty good. It is overly dramatic, I hate half of the characters, everyone is sleeping with everyone, and I have seen more T & A than the bartender at Larry Flint's Hustler Club. That being said, that characters that I do like I am in love with. This show makes me laugh, cry, yell WTF so loud I scare my pets, and I am almost in the last season. I think that last bit should say something. You don't invest that much time into a show if it is completely awful. Not to mention the music is awesome and the cast is killer. I'm talking Jennifer Beals, Pam Grier, Mia Krishner, and guest appearances by people like Jane Lynch, Cybill Sheperd, Alan Cumming, Sandra Bernhard, and Rosanna Arquette. If you like over the top drama and are comfortable with the gay/lesbian scene... this could be a good match for you as well. 

Three movies that I have checked out in the past month are all a little bit different... They are LOL, Bachlorette, and Hobo with a Shotgun. LOL is the Miley Cyrus/ Demi Moore movie that wasn't in theaters for too long. It takes place in Chicago and is about teenage Lola aka Lol and her heart aches, teenage drama, her relationship with her mother, and finding a new love that was always right in front of her. It was an okay movie, but I don't know that I will watching that again anytime soon. 

Bachlorette is what it sounds like... a lady is getting married. However, the bride to be is Rebel Wilson and her bridesmaids are Isla Fisher, Kirsten Dunst, and Lizzy Caplan. This movie was super misleading for me. I hear Rebel Wilson and my first reaction is, "Bitch is gonna steal the show!" Yeah... not so much. Wilson's character is a mellow bride that tells her bridesmaids that she  doesn't want to have a crazy bachlorette party and wants to keep things low key and call it a night early. Her bridesmaids, who don't even like her all that much to begin with, decide to party it up and fuck the bride's wedding dress up in the process. The entire movie revolves around two things: fucking the dress up even more while trying to get it fixed and reflecting on their own fucked up lives and their own bitterness and mistakes. This movie does have a lot of funny parts, but overall if felt like more of a drama/therapy session for the bridesmaids. I could watch it again, but only if I am in the right mood. 

Hobo with a Shotgun. I know... one of these things is not like the other. This movie has a grindhouse feel to it. It's one I have seen a few times in the past and the first fifteen minutes are fifteen minutes you will never forget. The film is about a homeless man that ends up taking the law into his own hands. His neighborhood that he currently resides is harassed by The Drake and his sons as well as some other seedy characters. The kill scenes are bloody and will either have you laughing or saying what the fuck did I just watch... This film also has some great lines... though I am not sure that they were intended to be as funny as they were to me. Like, "When life gives your razor blades you make a baseball bat... with razor blades."

Well, that is all I have for my first installment of My Netflix Addiction. There will be more of these to come, especially after I am done with The L Word!


  1. i wish i had more time for addicting

    1. I always have it on or Spotify. I need my background noise or I go nuts... All work and no noise makes Sara go Jack Torrent on bitches! I even bring the tablet upstairs and have it own while I cook and bake.... I mean, unless Roseanne is on.