Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Painted Doll

Well it's time for another featured shop blog! This time I am giving a shameless plug to gal I work with at my "normal job" that gives me health insurance. She does an array of crafty things and her and I chatted a bit about this side of her. She is the shop owner of Painted Doll: A Shop of Misfit Things.

1. What kind of items do you make?
Oh, god, everything. Clothes, jewelry, corsets, bags. I have the attention span of a three year old when it comes to making stuff.

2. How long have you been crafting?

Since I was a kid (I got lots of, possibly wary, compliments from my kindergarten teacher on how well I used scissors, haha.)

3. What is your favorite type of crafting and why?

I really prefer sewing, but I got into jewelry-making as a way to vent some creative energy when I didn't have the time to get into a big sewing project.

4. What is your most favorite item in your shop and why?

SOOT SPRITES. I sell a lot of these at conventions, and they are just so much fun to make.

5. Are you working on any new items now that you'd like to share?

I'm going to be releasing a limited clothing collection, heavily rooted in a mix of goth/lolita/steampunk fashion in the next couple of months.

6. Are there different types of crafting that you would like to try and why?

I'd love to learn metalwork and chainmaille.

7. What advice would you give to someone who would like to try sewing with a sewing machine for the first time?

Basically, go slowly until you're comfortable with your machine's speed and capabilities. It's terrifying at first-- I was always afraid I'd sew straight through my finger, but once I realized that the fabric will go the way I tell it to, it became less terrifying, and now I sew like I drive-- pedal to the floor, baby.

8. Since you are local, what is your favorite place to hang out in Baltimore?

I actually really enjoy the shark level of the Aquarium. I'm a little obsessed.

9. What is your favorite John Waters film?

I, uh, don't have one. I am a terrible person, I know.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Primarily, the internet-- I spend a lot of time on imageboards and blogs, so I kind of absorb this great mash-up of stuff that would be really awesome to make or modify. Also, the entire steampunk culture is a fantastic source of inspiration.

How would you describe your process?

Well, I don't ever sketch anything, unless someone else needs a reference image in my costuming crew. I seriously go to the fabric store with some vague ideas and a theory about what fabric I want to use, and play around in there for HOURS. Then I come home, throw it all in a pile on the floor, and start cutting, pinning and draping until I have what I want. I make jewelry the same way-- I buy things because I think they're kind of awesome on their own, and when I get home, I bring out my entire bead stash and try to figure out what works well with the new thing.

Also, hot glue. Lots and lots of hot glue.

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