Friday, May 6, 2011

Living Dead Girls Never Looked So Good

It's late at night and there are no lights on. Just a faint and eerie glow ahead. All is quite except for a faint clicking that isn't rhythmic, but is consistent. I keep my eyes peeled for what monsters I may come across. Then I see it, it's a zombie! I am bothered, yet I can't stop staring. It's skin is green and decaying with an eye missing and a mouth dripping in blood. I can't tell if it's a male or female, all I know is I want to see more zombies, so I click on the next item in Living Dead Girl Nicole's shop! That's right. I was up late at night clicking that mouse like it's my job while scoping out LDG Nicole's shop!

LDG Nicole is a fellow Etsy seller as well as the Captain of our team, Etsy Massacre. Nicole makes amazing macabre accessories as drawings of horror icons in cinema. She really has amazing talent and taste and has combined the two thus making her Etsy shop! I had a few questions for Nicole and the following is what I learned about this talented lady.

I asked Nicole about her personal life to learn some more about what her life is like and this is what she told me.

I am a parent of 2 kick ass cats ha ha. Ichabod (after Ichabod Crane) and Sabbath (after Black Sabbath). I am married to my high school sweetheart Frank. We have been together since 1998 and got married on Halloween in 2009. Besides my art I also love to scrapbook. I also love attending horror cons, renaissance faires, tattoo cons and rock concerts. I do work full time as a Senior Billing Administrator.. but my art is what keeps me sane!

1. You have a lot of items that stand out. When most people think handmade they think sewing, soap, and knitted goods. What inspires you to make such edgy items?

I think its my love for all things edgy that inspires me really. I have never been a go with the norm type of girl ..not only in my art but in my life in general.

2. How long have you been drawing? Did you go to school for art?

I have been drawing since I was able to pick up a pencil as a little living dead girl ;) I use to enter coloring contests as a kid to try to win tickets to the circus (cause I was obsessed with the circus ha ha). I also use to color my Barbie's hair with markers until they came out with Jem and the Holograms dolls. I went to art school for a short bit of time right after I finished high school but sadly I did not finish.. it was so expensive and I was at a point in my life where I was out on my own and had to get a full time job to support myself. I have since taken a few specialty classed from time to time since then, I get most of my training from my father who is also an amazing artist. If I ever am in doubt about something with my art my Dad always has the answer. He taught me "if your an artist you can fix any "mistake" and make it happen" and to "never give up on my talent".

3. Is there a particular item in your shop that you are most proud of? Which one and why?

I would have to go with my Robert Englund/Freddy Krueger Portrait "Sweet Dreams".. it's a newer portrait I just recently did this year that I hope to give to Robert when I meet him for the 2nd time this summer. I like it cause it's not your typical portrait and it was also hard for me to find photos that were similiar pose wise to get the vision I was going for.. but I did it. *pats self on back* ha ha

4.Are you currently working on any new drawings or have plans for new pieces that you would like to share?

I have a long lists of portraits I would love to do. Alice Cooper and Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice are on the top of the list ;) I am also considering making a female zombie head of some sorts! Eyelashes and all!

5. Since you have many horror inspired items, what is your all time favorite horror movie?

Ahh this one is so terrible to answer because I could list you so many favorites and I have my reasons for each as to why I love them so much. But if I had to pick just one I would say Bram Stoker's Dracula, I can read the book and watch that movie over and over again. I even wore Mina's red dress as my wedding dress, Love Never Dies was our theme of the wedding and we had a quote from the movie in our wedding invitations. If I were to go with a stabbing slasher type film I would say House of 1000 Corpses.. I love all things Rob Zombie.. and I am in love with this movie, its characters and it's fun creepy cookiness. I also have many awesome memories meeting many of the characters from the movie so it makes the film watching experience that much more special to me. I also have a Lucy Westenra tattoo on my arm ha ha. and a Baby Firefly tattoo on my leg.

6. I noticed in your blog that you have been to some horror conventions. Is there any person that you've met that particularly stands out for you? Who is it and why?

Another hard one......... but I will have to say Elvira. I have wanted to be that woman since I was a little living dead girl.. hence my quote "when other little girls wanted to be ballerinas I wanted to be Elvira".... I will admit I still do ha ha. When I met her she was exactly how I hoped she would be.. I even told her about when I dressed up like her for Halloween when I was in 3rd grade and my Mom wouldn't let me put the "cut in my dress" like she had ha ha. I gave her the portrait I drew of her and she really liked it.. she looked at it and said "I have gotten a lot of artwork.. but this one.. this one is reeeeally good"....... a dream come true.

7. If you could give any advice to a new seller on Etsy, what would it be?

Sent your shop policies right off the bat! And if you do custom items always ask for 1/2 up front to cover your costs!! And most importantly always be true to yourself and your art! Make what you love and the buyers will come! Don't change your art to make more sales! Art is about expressing yourself to the fullest!

If you would like to check out more of Nicole's work you can visit her Etsy Shop, her LinkedIn, her blogspot, or check out the Etsy Massacre! You can also click on the links I have on the right side of this post.

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  1. You rock so much for featuring me! I am honored!! Thank you again!! I truly appreciate it.